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Axel Rombaldoni

Son of art, Axel started playing chess at the age of 4. His career is studded with successes, reaching in 2013 the recognition of International Master and in 2014 he obtained the title of Italian Chess Champion. He was trained by Filippo Rossi and specialised in Communication and NLP, creating an ambitious project aimed especially at young people, called "Educating with Chess", to use the game of chess as an educational and personal growth tool. Thanks to many years of study and research, Axel has deepened his knowledge of how the human mind works and is passing it on in Italy and Europe as a teacher of Three-Dimensional Reading.

Mattia Francesco Rossi

At the age of just 6, Mattia Francesco Rossi embarked on an extraordinary journey in the 3D Reading Method, learning it directly from his father, Filippo Rossi. He has attended courses at international universities such as Michigan State University, Imperial College London and the University of California, where he explored areas such as NLP, emotional intelligence, neurobiology, creative thinking and applied problem solving, participated in Professional Master Training and is now a lecturer in Three Dimensional Reading in Italy and Europe.

Giacomo Gregori

A psychologist with a specialisation in Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), Giacomo is the tutor responsible for the 3D Reading method. With a deep understanding of cognitive challenges, he uses his background in psychology to customise learning strategies so that each participant gets the most out of the course. A lecturer of the method, he now travels throughout Europe teaching Three Dimensional Reading to adults and young people of all ages, sharing how to unlock their talents and achieve extraordinary results in every area of their lives.

Sharon Rombaldoni

A former teacher of the "Meditation of Presence" and "Communicating with Children and Young People" courses, Sharon later became a teacher of "3D Reading” and the "Change Your Life Kindle". Today, she meets hundreds of new people every month and has the goal of dedicating herself to the "AND Academy" project for the development of a new educational model to be given to all teachers and children of the third millennium.

Anna Conte

Graduated in Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights from the University of Padua, Anna is the First Lecturer of the 3D Reading course. Her continuous studies on the functioning of the human mind and advanced learning methods have enabled her to achieve excellent results in her studies. Today, she helps hundreds of students and professionals every year to master the 3D Reading method to better prepare for their exams, competitions and masters.

Filippo Rossi

During his academic training, Dr. Rossi obtained all major National and International certifications in the fields of Communication, Organisation and Business Strategy. He devised the Accelerated Learning Method called "3D Reading" and is the creator and head of the "AND Academy" Project in which teachers from all over Europe compare, study and share the best learning methods and educational models, which will then be disseminated free of charge in all schools around the world of all levels.